Workforce Development Program Partnership Announced

For Immediate Release: October 4, 2021

Vets2Techs and GeneratioNext Propane Pros are proud to announce the combined programs have entered into an agreement to provide recruitment support to the Louisiana Propane Gas Association (LPGA) and propane dealers across Louisiana. This is an excellent example of the dedication LPGA has to not only address the issue of workforce within the industry, but also support an initiative that assists the heroes who have sacrificed so much for our great country. 

Vets2Techs will help area dealers learn how to recruit, hire, and train veterans to help fill the ever-growing demand in technical positions such as propane truck drivers and service technicians. Veteran candidates have developed and sharpened leadership and logistical skills while in active/reserve duty, which make them the perfect fit to transition into leadership positions within our industry. The support will include Vets2Techs and LPGA members attending military unit events to share with veterans the benefits of working in our industry. In addition, Vets2Techs will hold training events on best practices in the areas of career ads and benefits bundling, along with how to promote and hire within the veteran community. 

“We recruit veterans with expertise in outreach to act as propane industry liaisons to help attract skilled workers to our industry. Who better to speak to veterans than a fellow veteran?” said Vets2Techs cofounder, Jesse Lord.

In addition to Vets2Techs programming, LPGA members will have access to the GeneratioNext Propane Pros program. This workforce development program connects students and graduates of local technical schools with potential employers in the propane industry. By connecting technical students and graduates with viable career opportunities at a local level, the program empowers the next generation of propane professionals and supports local employers in the Louisiana propane industry.

“We believe the efficiency created by combining resources and technology will result in an unmatched and powerful workforce development program for propane marketers in Louisiana. We are especially honored to be part of the process to place our veterans in needed and well-paying jobs within our industry,” said Michelle Wilson, VP, Boston Environmental, developer of GeneratioNext Propane Pros.

Join Us to Learn about the Programs

Vets2Techs and GeneratioNext Propane Pros are each hosting a short instructional webinar to help propane marketers learn how to use their respective platforms.

Join Vets2Techs on Friday, October 15, 2021, at 2:00 p.m. (CDT) to review the portal, veterans program review, and recruitment events. Click here to register to attend

Join GeneratioNext Propane Pros on Friday, October 15, 2021, at 8:30 a.m. (CDT) for a short webinar to learn how to set up your company profile, search and browse resumes of local applicants, and secure your future workforce. Click here to register to attend.

For more information on Vets2Techs, please visit or contact Jesse at For more information on GeneratioNext Propane Pros, please visit or contact Michelle at